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God want the best for you! God real does want to best for you!
      .MP3      God For Me (part1 83min)    God For Me (part2 70min)


Agape Love: is a study of 1 Corinthians 13, The topics covered are: 1) AGAPE LOVE: the opposite of sin, 2) God's interactive love, 3) Love and Corruption, 4) Love and Prayer, 5) Love is knowing God loves you., 6) Faith works or is powered by this anointing of Agape Love, 7) Love and Salvation.
     Audio Part 1,    Audio Part 2,    Audio Part 3,    Audio Part 4,    Audio Part 5,    Audio Part 6,    Audio Part 7,    Audio Part 8,   
Length: about 60 minutes each;      .MP3,

What is Salvation and how to get Saved A very good explaination of what salvation is and how to get saved.
Length 15 minutes;      .MP3

The Answer and the Means The answer to all christian questions is Jesus Christ. The way to get to the answer, the Means, is the Word of God and the Christian Church.
Length 15 minutes;      .MP3


Healing: This lesson lays out all of the information and guides the listener through the steps for receiving a God sent super natural healing. It contains all of the steps needed to receive a healing. Remember Jesus loves you and has healed many people mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, relationships and in all other ways. God has healed so many people in so many ways and He wants to heal you. You can receive new relationships, limbs, sight and so many other things. There is nothing that God cannot heal or fix. He wants to heal you and fix your situation. He wants to be Lord of your life. If you put no limits on God, God will put no limits on you. Remember faith come by hearing the Word and you may need to develope a lot of faith. Build up your faith by listening to these faith filled verses over and over again. Lesson length = 49minutes, .MP3: Text Lessons: Health and Healing God's way , and Healing Related Bible Verses.
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The Law of Seed, Plant and Harvest, also known in the Old Testament as the "Law of Genesis", is a detailed look at the things we do and the seeds we plant.
Length 40 minutes;      .MP3,

The Tribulation Survival Kit Important information on surviving the tribulation
Length 47 minutes;      .MP3

Deadly Disobedience If you do not follow God's rules, God can not help you! You must repent of your sins to get God's help!
Length 59 minutes;      .MP3