Preschool, Kindness Related Activities

      I have enjoyed using ideas from your site for a number of years in our children's extended worship program. Here is an original one I think visitors to your site will like.
Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Ephesians 4:32
Kids will be kids, so they don't always say positive things to one another. I tried this activity with my group in extended worship to help them practice using encouraging words.
Each child was given enough paper strips about 11/2" by 9" to equal the number of children in the class. Next we wrote each child's name on each one of our strips. I called out one name at a time and spelled it so everyone wrote each name at the same time. The main part of the activity was to think of a kind or positive thing to write about each child. I helped the younger ones spell, and the older ones to brainstorm kind words. When they were done they passed out the strips to the children whose names were on them. Then they helped each other paste them into chains using glue sticks. The children left with their chains and lots of smiles.
(Special thanks to the Sharon Lynn from Dallas, NC for sharing this great activity.)

      Take a step forward. All you need is some pieces of paper cut into the shape of a stepping stone and treats/prizes which they win at the end. Set the stepping stones into a spiral shape path (using as many stepping stones as you like) the children start at the start of the path and the treats/prizes are put at the end of the path. Ask questions such as:
Take a step forward if your favourite colour/animal/food/day of the week is........etc
" " " if you have already had your birthday this year
" " " if you walked here today
" " " if you have a pet
If the question applies to the child they take a step forward onto the next stepping stone. If not they stay where they are. This carries on until each child reaches the end of the path and recieves a treat/prize. This game is great for teaching children patience and that everyone likes different things.
(Special thanks to Lizzy Mitchell and from England for sharing this great activity.)