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     Apple Sauce Kids (ASK) is building a truly free archive of youth ministry materials that we are sharing with you and the future. Hundreds of thousands of Christian visitors a year, from all over the world, down load completely free materials from this site. Many of our visitors are reaching kids for Christ in some of the poorest parts of the world.
     All materials that can be posted on the Internet like: coloring pages, pictures, activities, etc. must be Public Domain and Royalty Free. We are more than happy to give you credit for material donations where they are posted.
     Please feel free to contact us and let us know how you are doing, ask questions, and let us know what you think of our site. If you wish to contact us or submit materials, please use one of these methods.
  1) Postal Mail
2) E-mail
Apple Sauce Kids
c/o Christine and Phil Ebert
396 Banning Rd.
Camden, DE. 19934

     In any case, we wish to thank you for partnering with us to reach kids for Christ.

Our Wish list:
1. Your prayers
2. Financial donations, we cannot do more without your financial support.
3. Games, activities, and coloring pages
4. We are looking for high quality pictures (original photos, or .jpg) of Egypt, and Israel to use in our youth group, movie making section. We want to offer them as video backdrops and backgrounds. Please, no family pictures, we are looking for general scenery and Bible places of interest. Also fairly close up pictures of stone walls and gates.
5. High quality renditions of Classic public domain hymns, Click Here to see the ones that we are looking for.
6. There is a real need for some high quality computer shareware that Christian sites can give away, please feel free to contact me about this.
A. Coloring Page shareware - I am looking for a coloring page program that: 1) The programmer can advertise themselves, their web site and other products, and Apple Sauce Kids in the program (in a reasonable manner). 2) Should have at least 60 colors. 3) Be able to easily load any drawing made in jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, and png. 4) Can print out finished pages. 5) Good user interface. 6) Good Help/Info page.
B. Site Search shareware - I am looking for a Site Search program that: 1) The programmer can advertise themselves, their web site and other products, and Apple Sauce Kids in the program (in a reasonable manner). 2) Can search the site that it is on by Description, and Keywords Meta Tags. It should also search based on NAME Tags 3) Should also have a optional list of "Do Not Search Files" 4) It would be nice if it could search from and list results on different pages or the same page. 5) Automatically create links to each result 6)Good user interface. 7) Good Help/Info page. Note: At a site like this one it is difficult for visitors to easily find all of the things that they want. We have materials on the same topic (fore example: Noah) all over the place (Coloring pages, games, activities and many other places) these searches can be done with Keywords and Descriptions. But we also have listings like "Music" where it would be easier to send the visitor to one of our music index pages and down the page to a "NAME" Tag for each song they are looking for. From the Index page they can easily obtain the Song Score, Lyrics, Midi, MP3, Wav. etc. If you send a visitor directly to a song's Score from a search, for example, you can not show them the midi, MP3, or Wav. files because those files have no Keyword or Description Tag.

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