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     Apple Sauce Kids (ASK) provides free Christian resources. You need not worry about using something without permission, or infringing on a copyright. Our materials are here for everyone to use and share. You can even copy and place them on your web site with these simple stipulations.

1.All of our materials must be clearly marked "Free, Public Domain and Royalty Free Materials, not to be sold". After all, you have received these materials "Freely" and you should share them "Freely".
2.You should encourage other sites to copy these materials and add to them, generation after generation, forever.

    For complying with these stipulations, you can post everything we have without any additional qualifications. We encourage you to translate these materials into other languages and share them "Freely". I feel strongly that it would be a real shame to lose any part of this wonderful archive. The more it is added to and maintained by other web sites the greater the blessing to the entire Christian community. What I am doing has nothing to do with me. It is all about Him who sent me. And with that Spirit, I would encourage you to do the same.

     We view our mission as reaching kids for Christ just the way they reach each other. We produce and distribute free youth ministry materials in every major toy and communication device format. This allows the Word of Christ to reach kids over every device and gadget they use in an interesting, fun and informative way while they are youth and it is easier to reach them. If you share this vision then please consider supporting our efforts by making a Donation.

    The list on the left just contains the major topic areas found here. Once you start digging, you will find many more sub topics that are not listed in that list.

     As for our FREE stuff, we do not have a catalog or anything to send to you. All of our FREE stuff is right here and is easy to down load. Simply go to the item that you want and click on your browser's "PRINT" button. The item will automatically print out on your printer. So please feel free to look around and take anything that you like. We may not be the fanciest site on the Internet, but we sure do have a lot of stuff! So ENJOY!

    We are constantly looking for new ideas and up dating the materials that we have. Do you have activities or materials that you wish to share? There are lots of people out there that could use your ideas. So please send your youth related ideas to us. We are more then happy to give you credit for your ideas. You should understand clearly that everything is given away for free. Currently, we are looking for:
1.High quality pictures, either photos or .jpg (200dpi or 3mp min.) of Egypt, and Israel to use in our youth group, movie making and web page section. We want to offer them as video backdrops and backgrounds. Please, no family pictures, we are looking for general scenery and Bible places of interest. Also fairly close up pictures of stone walls and gates.
2.High quality renditions of Classic public domain hymns Click Here to see the ones that we are looking for.

     I enjoy and appreciate your E-mails. They are very important to me. I especially love to know your Country and State. Remember, there is only one person working part time on this end, so please be patient with me if I seem to be a little slow responding to mail.

     Apple Sauce Kids (ASK) is a truly free archive of youth ministry materials, please feel free to look around and take what you want. Christian visitors from all over the world, down load completely free materials from this site. Many of our visitors are reaching kids for Christ in some of the poorest parts of the world. As any ministry, we exist because of the leading of Christ and the generous donations of our partners.

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