This Object Lesson points out the responsibility that comes with having an abundance.

Say if you have a group of 20. You take 5 to 6 people away from the group of 20 and give them three quarters of a block of chocolate. You give the remaining 14 or 15 people/children one quarter of the block of chocolate. You tell each group to share it out in their group and do with it what they wish. (They usually eat it). The smaller group gets the biggest share of the chocolate; and more often than not gloat over their larger share. Of coarse there are many cries of 'it isn't fair they have more than us' etc.............

When the chocolate is shared and gone the lesson is simple.  The 5 to 6 people were the 'rich' the 'powerful' and the larger group 'poor'.  It is easy to discuss with young people (and adults) that each person in the smaller group had the 'power' or the chocolate to share. To others however, they chose to gloat over it.  It teaches a valuable lesson in sharing and giving. Children of 7 to 9 years of age may share the chocolate so the impact is not so strong.
        (Especially when they have friends in the 'poorer' group).

Special thanks to Dianne Seiffert for this great Object Lesson


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